Elizabeth… so much in a name. So much to describe a person. How to describe me?

  • Dancer

dancing for over twenty years…Modern and Ballet are the styles that best suite my heart in expressing beauty, sorrow, and pointing to our need for transcendence 

  • Catholic Theologian

I greatly enjoy researching and contemplating the subjects of: The Theology of the Body by JPII, Morality and Phenomenology, historical influences on Theology, Art and the Church… bachelors in Theology from Benedictine College class of 2016

  • Artist

so many mediums...pencil, pen, pastel, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, fabric, paper, photography, interior design

  • Thespian

actress, director, costume designer, choreographer, dramaturgist, playwright… bachelors in Theater Arts from Benedictine College class of 2016

 —my sources of inspiration—

Pope St. John Paul II

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

J.R.R. Tolkien

Michael D. O’Brien

Olga Nikolevna Romanova

I immensely enjoy late nights, coffee and the rain, dancing at night in a dimly lit studio at night, choreographing new pieces, intense wind, singing Into the Woods loudly with my sister, Kansas in the spring, sketching something new, and praying in front of the Monstrance in Adoration.


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